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Rubberized Polymer Additive
Meets FAA Specs for pavement sealer additives
Fortified with fast drying additive

5 Gallon Pail


TARGEL PLUS is a multi-dimensional additive that greatly enhances the overall performance of coal tar emulsions, asphalt emulsions, or blended pavement sealer products. It offers superior sand suspension for uniform applications, added resistance to gasoline, fuels, and oils, rubberizes sealer for increased scuff resistance and reduced power steering marks, and speeds up drying time of the sealer.

Suggested formula range: Add 2 to 4 gallons of TARGEL PLUS to 100 gallons of concentrated pavement sealer. Add water and sand per manufacturers recommendations. (NOTE: Always dilute TARGEL PLUS 1:1 with water prior to addition to mix.)

Targel Plus

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