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Meet Maintenance Inc

Meet The Team


Mark McLeod

President & CEO

With over 50 years in the industry, it's safe to say Mark knows all things when it comes to asphalt maintenance. Mark began his career as a contractor and manufacturer, working his way up eventually to a mix design specialist. 

Mark truly enjoys being a leader in the pavement maintenance industry and making a difference when it comes to providing quality products to our distributors year after year. Mark has been a mentor and leader to many throughout his years in the industry and is a true asset to Maintenance Inc.

Learn more about Mark:

Q: What's your favorite accomplishment so far in your career?

A: Honestly, I'm most proud of working to help others develop their craft and seeing them grow even years later. It's truly been a pleasure to mentor and witness so many friends and colleagues in our industry grow and become incredibly successful. 

Q: What's your favorite product Maintenance Inc provides?

A: That's simple; our FSA. Why? Because it WORKS! It's contractor proven since 1938 and I stand by it 100%.



Brad Eagle

VP National Account Sales

With over 30 years in the industry, Brad knows a thing or two when it comes to working for the best. Brad began his journey with Maintenance Inc straight out of High School in 1979. In fact, one of his very first duties was on the floor making FSA pavement sealer additive. Since then, Brad has played a critical role in maintaining the quality of the products and the highest level of customer service to our distributors throughout the Nation. 

Learn more about Brad:

Q: What's your favorite accomplishment so far in your career? 

A. It's definitely been watching Maintenance Incportated grow from way back in 1979 to now. It's been an honor to work for a company that truly stands behind its products and evolves to stay on top in the pavement industry. So much has changed in our world, but even now, we still have the best sealer products out there. It's exciting to be a part of that. 

Q: What's your favorite product Maintenance Inc provides? 

A: All of our sealer additives. After having hands-on experience making them for so long, I know for a fact how well they work and how they react in every condition. 

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