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A fast and efficient method for the applying hot pour crack sealant. Direct fire type sealant materials can be MELTED AND APPLIED by one (1) man. Or, use it to apply hot material from other larger melting equipment. Both models mounted on steel wheels, and come equipped with hand agitators, spring loaded hand controlled release valves, steel screen for striking off the sealant in a neat uniform width, a burner assembly with hose and regulator and temperature gauge, and a platform for propane bottles (propane bottle not included).


Up to 600 lbs. of sealant can be melted and applied per day by ONE (1) MAN with the MA-10 … enough to seal 6400 linear feet of 1/2″ x 1/2″ cracks.

Length 47″, Height 36″, Width 27″
10 Gallon Capacity

MA10 Melter / Applicator

SKU: 8MA10
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