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A Giant Chalk Reel to help you lay out your parking lot stalls for line striping.


When resurfacing a parking lot, you’ll want to plan your layout before making the markings permanent using paint. Chalk is the perfect tool for the job. If you make a mistake or need to change the layout, you can easily re-chalk the surface. Once your final layout is mapped in chalk, you can paint over the lines for permanent, easy-to-see results.

Our giant chalk reel is an essential tool for any parking lot owner or line striping professional. Use it to mark a straight line between points on your asphalt surface that cannot be connected using a straight edge. It is very easy to use – just make sure the line is pulled taught in between the two points you are trying to connect, and snap the line along the asphalt surface. You’ll instantly have a visible chalk line to guide you when you begin painting your parking lot surface.

Use this giant chalk reel to easily create your parking lot layouts. It holds up to a pound of chalk, allowing you to work longer between refills. When the chalk runs out, refill the reel quickly and easily using the easy-fill grommet. With 100 feet of cord, you will have a long enough line to map out all of your parking lot markings.

Giant Chalk Line Reels

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