Tech Data: AFJ-409 J-16     A rubberized geotextile & polymer fortified coal tar emulsion
Advanced formula pavement sealer
Tech Data: GA-104 AFR Plus Additive for J-16     A singular plastic latex that is easily added to J-16
Adds certain properties to J-16 designed to broaden its use for critical exposures to wear and high aromatic fuels in particular.
Tech Data: FD-MS-409 Fass-Dri Asphalt Resurfacer
Motor Sport Specification
Racing Surfaces, Pit Areas, Garage Areas, Staging Areas. (Asphalt Pavement)
Tech Data: FD-A-409 Fass-Dri Asphalt Resurfacer
Airport Specification

Tech Data: FD-2-409 Fass-Dri Asphalt Resurfacer
General Specification

Tech Data: G-FDPSA-206 FASS-DRI Pavement Sealer Additive

Product Data: J-16 Advanced Formula J-16
Pavement Sealer

Product Data: FSA FSA Fast Sealing Additive
for Pavement Sealer

Tech Data: G-FSAP-305 FSA PLUS Dual Action Additive
for Coal Tar Sealer

Tech Data: G-FSAAE-305 FSA-AE Fast Sealing Additive
and Product Improver for Asphalt Emulsion Pavement Sealers

Tech Data: TGP-513 TARGEL PLUS
Rubberized Polymer Additive for Pavement Sealers

Tech Data: OB-514 Oxi-Bond
Latex Primer Concentrate

Tech Data: PHP-710 Pothole Patch
High performance pothole patch

Tech Data: C-501-610 Curon 501
Clear acrylic concrete coating

Tech Data: MCFII-610 MINCO Fass-Caulk II
Elastomeric Sealant

Tech Data: G-MFPCP-912 MINCO Fass-Patch
Concrete patch

Tech Data: FSP-912 FASS STRIPE
General Application

General Application

Tech Data: FSP-HB-411 FASS STRIPE (Handicap Blue)
General Application

Tech Data: GP-212 Gator Patch
For "alligatored" asphalt

Tech Data: LLI-212 LASTEK 33
Rubberized liquid crack sealer

Tech Data: LCP-212 LASTEK CP3405
Cold applied elastomeric crack sealer

Tech Data: L34N-104 LASTEK 34N
Black neoprene rubberized caulk-grade crack sealer

Tech Data: L36DF-912 LASTEK 36DF
Hot applied joint and crack sealer

Tech Data: MOSS-308 MINCO Oil Spot Sealer

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